Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm so excited for you and your family! I've been in your shoes 3 times. I know exactly how pregnancy can be a whirlwind! There is so much excitement and planning to be done, so many decisions to be made.

Now that your baby is making it's way earthside, it's time to consider how he/she will journey into your arms.

Both laboring parent AND baby deserve a
positive childbirth experience!

You only get to birth your baby once. How would you like the experience to be?

I strongly believe that a healthy baby at the end isn't good enough. Parents and baby deserve a positive and gentle birthing experience. The whole family should have a gentle and smooth transition into a new life together.

And only the parents can define what a positive birth would be for them. Epidurals, cesareans, unmedicated- they can all be positive experiences with the right preparation. 

achieving Positive childbirths is what makes GentleBirth Different

To ultimately have a positive experience, preparation is key
GentleBirth offers an evidence-based workshop that offers:


Students are transformed with evidence-based KNOWLEDGE of all birth choices and best practices.


Students are PREPARED during the prenatal period with daily short training sessions to continue training and maintain a positive mindset.


Students receive SUPPORT throughout the complete perinatal period, from pregnancy to postpartum, through local private and national GentleBirth Groups, which are all focused on positive births.

To achieve a positive birth defined by you,
all GentleBirth Workshops focus on three core areas of
childbirth education:

Brain Science + Birth Science + Technology

Mental Preparation:

Brain Science

• Understanding pain perception
•Biology of fear
•Sports Psychology
 •CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Birth Preparation:

Birth Science

•Physiology Of birth hormones
•Building a labor toolkit
•Breathing techniques
•Advanced comfort measures 
•Active labor movement
•Signs of labor
•Navigating birth options
•Routine care vs. Best Practices
•Evidence-based care
•Birth preferences


GentleBirth HypnoBirthing App

Short daily training with the  award-winning
GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App:
•Curated playlists for sleep, anxiety, confident pregnancy, positive birth and
the 4th trimester
•Guided hypnosis
•Guided meditations
•Breathing techniques
•Access to the GentleBirth Book and Workshop Companion Workbook 

Running is natural, yet athletes prepare and train.

Childbirth is natural too, but to stack the odds that you will be successful in reaching your goal line, you should prepare and train.

What are the benefits of childbirth ed?

Build confidence in your body's ability to give birth

bond with your partner

build confidence in yourself

build partner's confidence to be able to help you during labor

learn what questions to ask

learn comfort techniques

learn pain relief options

learn safe and healthy birth practices

Gentlebirth workshop Schedule

Part 1: Class meets (in-person or virtual) for a set number of days for live instruction. Your workshop companion workbook is accessible via the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App.

Part 2: Learning continues after completion of the live workshop with the online portion. The online GentleBirth Institute is a self-paced additional training with unlimited access.

Comfort measures

Students will learn advanced comfort measures and have a full toolkit of strategies to use as needed. Some of the tools taught are: hacking your own hormones, movement, counter pressure and acupressure, TENS, Peanut Ball, Yoga Ball, Massage, Breathing and more!

Additional Perks:

All attendees will receive:
•an invitation to the online portion after completion of Part I of the workshop
•an invitation to download a 30-day access to the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App.
•an invitation to assess my SC Birth Client Share Drive,  were you will have access to tons of additional material such as birthing rights, birth preferences templates, breastfeeding information, acupressure and aromatherapy handouts, and more! 
•an invitation to join the global GentleBirth Positive Birth Private Facebook Group. Here you can join thousands of couples going through the same GentleBirth journey and training.

BONUS: Natural Breastfeeding ONline Course

All attendees to GentleBirth Workshops also receive unlimited access to the Nancy Mohrbacher's Natural Breastfeeding Online Course ($97 value). This home study course is broken down into six modules of innovative insights, practical advice, and more than 60 short comprehensive videos showing actual mothers breastfeeding in real life situations! .

Frequently Asked Questions

how much do the gentlebirth workshops cost?

GentleBirth workshops require an investment of $275.00 due at registration. Payment arrangements can be made if agreed to in advance.

Where are the in-person workshops held?

At the moment, all in-person workshops are held at the Labors of Love Birth Center in Spartanburg, SC.

Do i need any supplies during the workshop?

Each student should have a pillow and a mat/blanket to lay on the floor for the hypnosis session. Additionally, each student should have a notebook and pen for note-taking. The workshop companion workbook is accessible via the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App. 

What type of clothes should i wear for the workshop?

I recommend comfortable clothes and removable shoes with socks. In-person workshop students will leave shoes at the door and come into the learning space with socks.

how many couples attend in-person workshops at a time?

Due to COVID-19 concerns, all in-person workshop is limited to 2 couples in order to support social distancing recommendations. Private classes are always available. Contact me for more information.

How many weeks does the GentleBirth workshops last?

I change up the amount of weeks to cater to different needs and families. The workshop is 9-10 hours long. Some workshops are one full day, other's are broken down into two half-days, and others are spread out into 4-5 weeks with a few hours of class each week.
Please refer to the calendar of events page to view the upcoming workshops and reserve a seat.

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