What makes me different?

Peace of Mind is invaluable

Bilingual and Diverse: I provide all services in Spanish and English to all communities within Spartanburg County, including LGBTQ+ families!
Convenience: I provide in-home and virtual lactation support. No need to leave your house with your brand new baby.
Continuous Support: I have no hospital rules to follow. I will listen and help you explore solutions that align with your goals.
Referrals: I have a network of referral partners in the Upstate SC area. 

In-Home or Virtual Lactation Support

To book: visit https://fb.com/book/scbirth/ or email [email protected]

Although breastfeeding may come easy for some, for many mothers, early challenges are completely normal. With the right support, a parents journey can go much smoother.
Nicole support parents in the comfort of their own home or virtually with common challenges, help identify root causes, and create a plan to help you reach the personal lactation goals. 

$35 Virtual session (30-45 minutes)
$35 In-Home session (60 minutes)
(in-home available only evening/weekend hours)

Scope of Practice includes all common concerns such as:
- nipple trauma
- supply management
- positioning, latching including natural breastfeeding techniques
- pump or supplementation management
- paced-bottle feeding
- tandem or multiple feeding support

Virtual and In-Person Options Available!

To book an appointment, visit: https://fb.com/book/scbirth/
or email [email protected]