Prenatal Lactation Education

"If we wear our nursing covers backwards like capes, then everyone can see we're breastfeeding superheros." - Cassie Clark

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Prenatal Lactation
Private Workshop

$85.00 (4-5 hrs)

This workshop is perfect for any parent seeking evidence-based lactation education, regardless if this is the first or fifth pregnancy. This comprehensive course teaches how to get lactation off to a great start, exactly what to expect and how to prevent common issues. Topics include:

• Biologically natural breastmilk benefits
• What’s the real difference between breastmilk and formula?
• Understanding how your body makes milk, and how to keep your supply
• Evidence-based information on how labor, delivery and postpartum interventions affects breastfeeding
• The 3 Golden Hours: The Thompson Method
• The Thompson Method and traditional latch and positioning techniques
• Creating a birth AND breastfeeding hospital plan
• Real-life crash course on "what to expect"
• Bottle-feeding a breastfed baby
• Baby-wearing
• Nighttime parenting of a breastfed baby
• How to tap into the motherly instinct and allow nature to do it's thing!
• Breastfeeding in public
• Goal setting and your ongoing support system

And so much more!!!

Lactation Parenting: Pumping and Employment Workshop

$35.00 (1 hr)

This short workshop is focuses on parent/baby separation management. It prepares parents to return to work with a pumping schedule and caregiver plan. Parents will have everything they need to continue breastfeeding successfully when separated from baby.  

Topics include:

• When/how to introduce a bottle
• How to build up a stash
• How to choose a pump
• How to choose a caregiver
• How to schedule pump sessions during separation
• Milk storage and handling
• How to work with your employer and what laws protect you
• Alternatives if baby refuses bottle

And so much more!