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Prenatal GentleBirth
Hypnobirthing Workshop

"The natural human reaction to the unknown is fear. But the greatest antidote to fear is preparation." -Chris Hadfield

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You and your baby
deserve a Positive
GentleBirth Experience

With so many childbirth education options available, how do you choose the right one for you?

My Approach:


The childbirth experience is a family event in which all should have a positive experience. This includes defining support person's role, and ensuring both mother and baby have a gentle, positive birth.

A positive birth comes in many forms and is defined by the Mother.

Welcome to your GentleBirth Hypnobirthing Workshop. Unlike other hypno childbirth classes,  GentleBirth include three core areas for the most positive birth possible:

1. Mental Preparation,
2. Birth Preparation
3. Technology. 

The GentleBirth Workshop is a busy fun-filled learning experience that includes a meditation and hypnobirthing practices. You will finish the course feeling calm, confident and in control of your upcoming childbirth experience. You will learn receive mental preparation, birth preparation and access to the technology of the GentleBirth App (30-day trial included with workshop) to prepare you for the most positive birth possible, no matter what comes your way on your big day.

You will learn advanced comfort measures and have a full toolkit of strategies to use as needed. Some of the tools taught are: hacking your own hormones, movement, counter pressure and acupressure, TENS, Peanut Ball, Yoga Ball, Massage, Breathing and more!

BONUS: Natural Breastfeeding ONline Course

All attendees to GentleBirth Workshops also receive unlimited access to Natural Breastfeeding Online Breastfeeding Course ($97 value). This home study course is broken down into six modules of innovative insights, practical advice, and more than 60 short comprehensive videos showing actual mothers in real life situations! .

What to Expect
at a GentleBirth Hypnobirthing Workshop

Mental Preparation:

Brain Science

• Understanding pain perception
• Biology of fear
• Mindset
• Sports Psychology
 • CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Mindfulness
• Hypnobirthing

Birth Preparation:

Birth Science

• Physiology Of birth hormones
• Building a labor toolkit
• Breathing techniques
• Advanced comfort measures 
• Active labor movement
• Signs of labor
•  Acupressure
• Navigating birth options
• Routine care
•  Evidence-Based care and international best practices
• Birth preferences


GentleBirth HypnoBirthing App

Each workshop includes a free 30-day access to the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App,  which includes:

•  Curated playlists for sleep, anxiety, confident pregnancy, positive birth and
the 4th trimester
• Guided hypnosis
• Guided meditations
• Mindfulness
• Breathing techniques
• Affirmations
•  Access to the GentleBirth Book

the details

Venue: Labors of Love BIrth Center in Spartanburg, SC.
Due to COVID-19 concerns, all in-person workshop is limited to 3 couples
in order to support social distancing recommendations.

Workshop Options:
$275- 1-day blended workshop: one full day of in-person training, combined with unlimited access to additional self-paced online modules, 30-Days Free Access to the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App and unlimited access to the Natural Breastfeeding online course. 

$325- Multi-day workshop: in-person multi-day workshops (usually 2 days) of an immersive training experience, 30-Days Free Access to the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App and unlimited access to the Natural Breastfeeding online course..

(Private Classes Available) 

All attendees will be invited to join SC Positive Birth Group, were we will host post-workshop Live Q&A's and check-in's. This will give attendees additional opportunities to check in, refresh and clarify anything that is needed after the completion of the workshop.

Wear comfortable clothing and consult the confirmation email for the list of what you should bring with you. 

GentleBirth Hypnobirthing